How to greatly increase the ability to focus?

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The ability to focus is not easy but it is possible, here are some guidance below:

  • Safeguard your energy, for it fuels your action. Therefore, invest it in the things that take you closer to your goals and do not waste it on unnecessary things which do not add a step to your vision. It is tremendously beneficial to safeguard your energy from distractions.
  • Be intentional, as you approach your day to be intentional about what you intend to achieve in that particular day. Until this becomes a part of your habits you will realize that you do not live haphazardly but consciously driven by the goals to be achieved. When your intention is right, your focus becomes simultaneously right.
  • Focus on what is important and make it a priority. It is easier when you make a list of what you consider important in their hierarchy in order of its importance. This will make it simple on allocating your time and the energy you should invest in. the focus will always be around important stuff and by this, you will realize that you will yield more than expected results. Also, that’s reducing room for distractions.
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  • Discipline is a necessity of staying focused. One cannot be effectively focused without the support of discipline; in fact, these two works hand in hand for exceptional results. Discipline is a very good guide on time management. Consequently, vital in directing where energy should go. Discipline is a very effective fire- up for productivity.

Have a clear end goal written down. However, concentration should be on the current moment (a task at hand) Concentrating on the present moment will help on keeping your focus firm giving all your energy on what is needed to be done in that specific moment excellently. By so doing you are making progress towards your end goal. This will also ensure that you will not waste your time cracking, distressing on the details of how to get there, rather focusing on what you can accomplish now in each phase. Mike Hawkins once said, “you don’t get results by focusing on results. You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results.” This is key to reorganising your life into a focused life.

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