Right standing in mind is a self-mastery.

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Right standing in mind is a self-mastery. It is a realisation of being the master of your thoughts and not the opposite. Right standing in mind is developing a strong mind by overcoming negative habits. It is grounded on fuelling positive thoughts which dismiss a room for doubt, fear and anxiety.

Right standing in mind is an unshakable conviction within you. This is a deeper level of surety on or towards something you believe in. At this point, you don’t base your faith or confidence on other people’s approval to determine your life.

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Right standing in mind begins on the very moment one ceases to have a double-minded. More so, when one realises the power they have within to control their thoughts. Right standing in mind is displayed through the harmony between thoughts and action. An action is simply a reflection of thoughts. An action mirrors that which is in the mind!

It is not difficult to successfully stand in right with your thoughts, it is possible by constantly training the mind. In that, whatsoever you train your mind is always reflected on your actions or decisions. It happens often, that people are not in accord with their mind, what they want is not what they invest in their thoughts and the result is always frustration or anxiety.

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One of the ways that can help you to stand in right with your mind is being intentional. Start limiting the access of negative thoughts, from your viewing, reading, listening and association. Always aware that, what you serve your mind will serve you sooner or later. Therefore, do not just serve your thoughts with anything rather with the best interest.





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